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I spend an awful lot of time trying to push the boundaries of my favourite engines in little prototypes, so that they can do stuff they weren't designed for. I like the challenge. You can click on the images to get more details.


Tower is a proof of concept for fake-3D DRPG in RPG Maker 2003. It also includes a basic craft system, first person view movements, and simplistic battles.

Assets are from Legend of Mana, Nora to Toki no Koubou, Heroine Dusk, and some made by me.

The Holy Whale

This project was created to show the possibility of semi-random generation (think Spelunky) with alternative moves in RPG Maker 2003. The player is The King and can use chess moves (Knight, King, Foul) to overcome the dangers of the hidden path. His goal: awaken the Holy Whale, said to be able to bring peace to his lands.

Assets are all mine and can be downloaded for free on

Choose your own adventure

Who doesn't remember those books that were used and re-used endlessly in one's childhood? This prototype was designed for RPG Maker XP, and includes rules, Adventure Log, and cute animations. Nothing really playable though, as the story was not implemented.

Assets were downloaded from Sthutterstock (book) or made by myself.

Misc. Mini Games

When I was still rather active in French RPG Maker communities, I used to make some mini-games every now and then. The first one is an escape room using Pokemon assets in RPG Maker XP. The second one is a butterfly-catching mini game in RPG Maker XP with custom (and lost) assets. Finally, the third picture shows a little breaking game made using pico-8. Pico-8 is a fantasy console (i.e. it doesn't actually exist), uses javascript, and comes with drastic limitations.

Tools for GameDevs

I sometimes create useful little tools or pieces of codes. You can find a list down there.

Ren'Py animation & Automatic image declaration

This tool was created after the GDA Visual Novel Jam . Impressed by the game Chester made in such a short time, while she was still discovering Ren'py, I digged into her source code to find an awful lot of lines dedicated to images and animations (lapsync) declaration. I decided to make a tool to do this automatically, based on the folders structure.

You can download it >> here <<